My name's Sara Tamez, the brains behind Tamest Rebel. While I occassionally take on part-time assistance, Tamest Rebel is largely a one woman shop as I am the designer, maker, accountant, buyer, customer service, etc. All the pieces I offer are small-batch made - which can be a bit subjective - as a batch can be anywhere from 5-60+! Ultimately batch sizes are determined by a few different factors, but the most important one is my own desire. As long as I love making a piece, I will keep making it. This small-batch approach ensures that I keep the reason I even started Tamest Rebel intact - to make art. ♥

Like a tale as old as time, I started my career working in a completely different field after receiving my B.S. in Environmental Science from Purdue University. My background in environmental science ROOTED my deep love for environmental sustainability and subsequently I have worked hard at personal growth and understanding our heavily imbalanced societal structure over my years as a business owner, resulting in a deep passion for social justice.

I opened shop as No Kitchen Sink in 2014, when I realized I had been making everything but the kitchen sink, in some form or another, my entire life. In 2019, by sheer planetary alignment that transcended time and space, I was chatting with a friend about societal expectations, social media, etc. and referred to myself as "the tamest rebel". Admittedly ~*CHEESY*~ but in that exact moment I knew it was time for a change within my business and became Tamest Rebel in October 2019. My aim as I design is to create pieces that make decorating our avatars more fun, allow us to be more bold, and that I love. Thanks for visiting or following along on this journey that I still question my own sanity for embarking on. ♥

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