Product Care

  • Brass and sterling pieces will tarnish if kept in the open air when not wearing, so do your best to store in a soft dry place such as a jewelry box or linen bag. 
  • For most people, brass will turn your skin green. This is a result of the oxidation of the metal combining with your skin's oil and moisture. It is harmless and can be prevented with a clear coat of nail polish on the piece if you would like. 
  • Should any tarnish develop, abrasively rub the magic polishing cloth sample provided in your package to remove it.
  • The thick layer of gold on gold-fill jewelry will last much longer if taken care of, so try to avoid showering, bathing, and swimming while wearing.
  • To clean, use a few drops of castille soap and gently scrub your piece with a soft bristle toothbrush. 
  • Be gentle with pieces that have rough stones or beads as they are more prone to breakage.