Quick Facts:

  • About 98% of sterling silver components are recycled, with the exception of necklace clasps.
  • Gold-fill components are assumed to be made using virgin material - Tamest Rebel is continuing to reach out to their supplier to verify or update this assumption.
  • Brass pendants are all cast with recycled brass.
  • Gold plated necklaces are made using vintage deadstock brass

If you would like to know specifically if a piece is entirely recycled feel free to contact us to discuss the production.


Sara Tamez, the artist and maker behind Tamest Rebel, obtained her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and has admittedly pretty strict ideas of what environmental stewardship should look like, with a strong environmental "moral compass" to boot. Scale of production is important to consider when talking about sustainability, and while Tamest Rebel couldn't hold a flame to the production levels of fast fashion big box stores, it is still one of the guiding principles of the business. Everything is considered, from chemicals and compounds used within the studio to components used within her jewelry designs and packaging. Is it a real bummer to not be able to use certain components because their environmental impact can't be tracked, and we just can't in good conscience use them? Does it ultimately affect our overhead cost and product prices? YES. But, that's just how it has to be.

Every stage of jewelry production has a history of being deeply environmentally destructive and socially irresponsible, so it is up to the makers and consumers to demand more responsible production going forward. Please be assured that Tamest Rebel does everything we can to be as Earth conscious as possible as a small business.